First Live Cultural Heritage

First Live Cultural Heritage

The Ministry of Culture, the Metropolitan Municipality of Quito and the “Teatro Sucre” Foundation, declare the choreographer, director, dancer and Ecuadorian cultural promoter, Rafael Camino Collantes Trajan, “Living Cultural Heritage of Ecuador”.

Ambassadors of Peace by The Universal Peace Federation

n January 2009, The Universal Peace Federation and The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace says Mr. Rafael Camino as Ambassador of Peace for his tireless work on behalf of vulnerable groups, dedication and teaching life values, strengthening family under the precedents of a culture of peace, transcending races and religions living in harmony.

Goodwill Ambassadors FAO

On October 16, 2010 in the province of Esmeraldas FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture) confers the appointment of Goodwill Ambassadors for the artistic and human talent in order to join a charitable cause and be part of the voices that fight hunger.


On August 9, 2010 the National Government, in the person of President Rafael Correa, conferred the National Award Eugenio Espejo as greater recognition of the State Cultural Institutions.

Cultural Educational Excellence

In September 2009 for the quality and the formative educational process it is declared Cultural Educational Excellence

Award brother miguel

On December 3, 2008, Brother Miguel Award is conferred; mention of the work and dedication on behalf of people with disabilities.

Custodians of the International FLAG of Peace

On 30 November 2005 the International Committee of the Banner of Peace, a non-governmental agency of the United Nations, recognizes the work of the Jacchigua Foundation giving maintenance and custody of the International Banner of Peace, as a symbol of recovery values, identity and solidarity with dignity.

Second Place in Tourism Promotion in AMERICA

In Berlin achieves the Second Tourism Promotion in America by the Joint Tourism Promotion Fund.

Best Continent Projection Folkloric Ballet

The National Folkloric Ballet “Jacchigua” as part of the Jacchigua Foundation, is currently considered the best Ballet Folkloric Projection Continent, awarded in Asuncion Paraguay on November 24, 2004 by: The World Artistic Exchange Organization, ITAUPU Binacional, Inter-American Confederation of Dance (ICAS) and the Ministry of Education and Culture of Paraguay. In the 1st. World Dance Forum, held on 19 November 2005 in Buenos Aires – Argentina; acquires the highest score in categorizing Projection Folkloric Dance on the continent.

Recognition as Unique Museum alive

In 2006 representing the culture of the country manages to impose a mark of great magnitude in the “Caravan of World Cultures” as part of the huge project of the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006, where together with the 32 cultural delegations (one for each football team), crosses Germany in the 17 most representative and most important cities in: town halls, plazas, stadiums, reaching the exceptional culmination in the Old Berlin Wall (Brandenburg Gate) before more than 750,000 spectators in the world integer, where he was an hour and a half (complete assembly of the National Folkloric Ballet Jacchigua) the wonder of ancient traditions and customs of our wonderful Ecuador, promoting the same through the major television networks such as the BBC, CNN, and other written and televised press in Europe, Asia and the world; thus achieving consolidate a representative image of multiculturalism and diversity both ecologically and culturally what is this paradise in the center of the world called Ecuador, becoming the “Unique Living Museum of the World”.

Ovation and Gold Medal at the 22th World Congress on Dance Research

From 02 to July 6, 2008 at the 22th World Congress on Dance Research conducted in Athens – Greece by the International Council CID Dance – UNESCO, Jacchigua on behalf of Ecuador is cheered by the board at its magnificent exhibition “A commitment culture of Ecuador to the world “by the maestro Rafael Camino, and also wins gold medal at the world Festival among the best exhibitors dance world.

National Section CIOFF®Ecuador

In January 2011 CIOFF® Cultural Organization International non-governmental (NGO) in formal consultative relations with UNESCO; gives representation to Jacchigua Foundation as a National Section CIOFF®Ecuador based on the process of safeguarding and dissemination of traditional culture as well as the rescue and valuation of intangible heritage through dance, performance executed until July 2016

Cotopaxi Gold Award

In March 2009 the Provincial Council of Cotopaxi Cotopaxi confers the Gold award for the teacher Rafael Camino cultural process achieved by a cotopaxense.

Medal of Honor Municipality of Latacunga

In November 2009 the municipality of Latacunga conferred the Medal of Honor for cultural work and contribution to the spiritual and intellectual development in society; in November 2009 the C.C.E. Benjamin Carrion award grants.


The National Folkloric Ballet Jacchigua for his extensive experience in cultural dissemination worldwide in presentations, world tourism fairs and conferences obtains recognition to tourism development and citizen input

Member of World Masters Committee

Master Rafael Camino, choreographer and director of the National Folklore Ballet Jacchigua, is appointed member of the Committee of World Teachers for its valuable cultural contribution in safeguarding intangible heritage

Cultural process with spaces for Life

The ancestral Ecuadorian Culture for the world

The Jacchigua Foundation creates spaces, projects for Ecuador and the public who visit us, know Ecuador through cultural products and services. In Quito, Cultural Heritage, for 26 years a draft "National JACCHIGUA, Ballet Folkloric of Ecuador" Cultural Investment Permanent consolidated, allowing maintain, retrieve and disseminate the memory of a multicultural town, full of contrasts and unique colors , sheltered by snow covered volcanoes, transmitting the joy of living with values and sensitivity as their own heritage.

  • cultural development
  • scenic quality
  • artistic sensitivity
  • knowledge of cultural facts


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Rafael Trajano Camino Collantes

Manager Director rafaelcamino@jacchigua.org
Rafael Trajano Camino Collantes (Pilligsilli, October 25, 1948) is the producer, managing director, choreographer and founder of the Foundation Jacchigua, declared First Live Cultural Heritage of the Ecuadorian state, among many awards
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Rafael Charly Camino

Project Manager charly@jacchigua.org
Project Manager at FUNDACION JACCHIGUA, Presidente at National Section CIOFF@ECUDOR; CEO Academic&Cultural Experiences, Teaching University UCE/UTE, Consultor
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Bibiana Camino

Account Manager
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erika camino

Administrative Coordinator ery@jacchigua.org
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